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Please help us to help the honeybee

Our volunteers are our lifeline, we honestly couldn’t do what we do without them. With honeybee populations declining in Wales, this amazing little creature is just one of the insect pollinators that is classed as being endangered and is severely threatened in the UK and elsewhere around the world. Our volunteers are vital in communicating our message that we can all have a part to play in protecting their future.

Beekeeping is very seasonal and so are our volunteering opportunities depending on the time of year. You don’t have to know about bees or beekeeping especially, we’d still love to hear from you regardless of your experience. We’ll provide you with all the knowledge and training you’ll need. Our volunteers have a hugely positive and meaningful impact on the organisation and vice versa. By volunteering with us we are able to provide opportunities such as:

  • learn new skills
  • being part of the beekeeping community
  • motivation and sense of achievement
  • develop new interests, hobbies and experiences
  • meet a diverse range of people
  • boost career options.

We provide you with lots of other great benefits too, find out more by contacting: 01492 651106

Please help us to help the honeybee

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