Bees need our help. Their numbers are in decline due to disease, pesticide use and loss of habitat. At the National Beekeeping Centre Wales in Conwy, we firmly believe it is possible to reverse this trend and make the world a better place for honey bees. Find out how you can help the bees too by becoming more bee-friendly in your home and garden, how to become a beekeeper or how you can help us to help the bees.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update July 2021

Restrictions due to coronavirus.
To our customers, supporters and volunteers. We sincerely regret having had to go into hibernation mode because of the coronavirus emergency. Thankfully, our bees have just got on with life, blissfully unaware of the trials and tribulations of the human beekeepers!

The Covid situation resulted in the closure of the Visitor Centre at Bodnant Welsh Food, and the cancellation of our planned beekeeping courses in 2020 and 2021. However, we did manage to run two beekeeping courses earlier in July at Bodnant Welsh Food (BWF), albeit with limited numbers. We are reasonably confident about planning two further courses in mid-August and September, again with limited numbers – see our Courses page for dates.

During this year we gave a talk about bees to Stage 2 children in an outside classroom at Ysgol Sant Joseff primary school in Colwyn Bay. The questions from the children were so well informed, but the honey tasting got a bit sticky! In addition, we have been able to give advice to householders throughout Wales on a succession of bee / bumblebee / wasp / fly incursions into houses and gardens, it’s been great to see the concern that people have to protect our bees and other pollinators.

The Visitor Centre will not re-open as it was. It is still to be worked out what the format will be. Honey sales have transferred to the BWF farm shop. As for visits to the apiary, we’re afraid we will have to see a significant relaxation in relation to Covid19 restrictions before these could start again – perhaps in 2022.

See our Courses page for provisional dates for our courses for 2022.

Adopt a Hive / Hive Aid and Memberships 2022

We regret that Adopt a Hive / Hive Aid and Memberships are unavailable at present.
Thank you so much for your support.


Conwy has a long history of beekeeping thought to date back perhaps 1,000 years, and bee boles can be found in walls throughout the Conwy Valley. The holding of the annual Conwy Honey Fair is in Conwy Town’s Royal Charter and was granted by Edward I in the 13th century when reports say that he himself bought a cask of honey at the fair.

By helping develop a vigorous, healthy and environmentally responsible beekeeping industry we hope not only to continue the tradition, but also to secure a good future for bees in Wales. We promote good practice, accurate and accessible public information as well as community action.


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